To The Greatest Classmates:

This was a special Reunion filled with seeing so many classmates we haven’t seen in ages. Thank you all for coming and being a part of our 45th Reunion.

I would like to congratulate and thank the great Reunion Committee for their hard work and dedication. It took this team to make the Reunion a success.

Barbara Moore Hunt, Barry Jones, Betty Hammond Jenkins, Curtis Brown Brown, Craig Grounsell, Gwen Wesiner Crosland, Harriett League Carmichael, Jim Calmes, Kathryn Gaffney, Linda Williams Slaton, Powell Payne and Troy Webb. Special thanks to Beau Sanders who always gives us a new password for the website when we forget! 

Hugh Pennell, a personal friend of Betty & Bob Jenkins, was most gracious in accepting Betty's request of being our photographer. Thank you Judy for being by his side. If he makes us all look good, we will ask him again. Jim & Sandra invited us into their beautiful home & we all enjoyed their southern hospitality. The sweet ending came with the tasting of our Route 66 theme cake prepared by Gretchen’s ABS Cakes, along with the delicious food for Friday night. Craig and Gretchen Grounsell own this great bakery, café’ and catering shop in Mauldin. Let’s not forget that Troy had the idea of the theme for the cake. Beach Bob entertained us with tunes of 'our time'. Contributed by Gwen Crosland.

Sandy Jordan, co-owner of CATS Studio (Creative Artist for Tomorrow) served as the creative consultant for our photo display Saturday night. She is married to Drake Jordan, our classmate. Many hours were spent painting & preparing background artwork to be used with easels of various sizes. Contributed by Gwen Crosland.

Special thanks to Gwen Crosland and Betty Jenkins in developing our GHS Tote Bags that were a big hit. Thanks to Kathryn Gaffney in organizing all the free gifts for the raffle. Both of these projects gave us monies to complete this Reunion and to be held in the planning for the 50th Reunion.

Also, thanks to Gwen for the great photo display. We hope to have these photos on the website soon. Kathryn took over the responsibility of keeping up with the tote bags and is a fabulous Treasurer.

Thanks to Betty for opening her home to have our Reunion meetings. She found the gorgeous photo of GHS for our Tote Bags and she printed our postcards for the first mailing of our invitation.

Thank you all so much for my special artwork signed by our wonderful classmates. I truly love this passion of finding old classmates along with getting reacquainted with each other after such a long time of not seeing one another.

Another important thank you goes to Milnor Kessler and Powell Payne for the beer run and setting up the bar for Friday night.

My special thanks go to our IT guru, Beau Sanders. Without Beau, we wouldn’t have such a great website… Please take time to visit and place your story on the FORUM. There is a new button at the top entitled SUGGESTIONS. This is where we would like to hear your ideas for our big 50th Reunion.

Please email your reunion pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so he can post them on our website for everyone to see.

If you would like a copy of the Memorial DVD, please contact Kathryn Gaffney, 206 McDaniel Greene, Greenville, SC 29601 at 864-233-1998 or email me. The cost would be 50 cents for the DVD and your mailing cost. You can make your check payable to GHS – Class of 1966.

We have plans for a Christmas Party, Friday, December 2nd at Augusta Grill at 6:30 pm.  Invitation and details will be forthcoming.


 Judy Vaughn Byrum