Merry Christmas to All,


We had a lovely Christmas Party at Justin's.  I believe a total of 32.....Harriett League, Kathryn Gaffney and date John Elsey, Linda Williams and date Marv Cagle, Gwen Weisner, Barbara Moore, Barry and Charlotte Jones, Bill Wright, Jean and Stan Crout, Susan Moore and husband ,Dan Sloan, Terry Dowling, Brenda Banks and husband, Ronnie Blasco, Charlene Shook and husband, Scotty Cisson, Lori and Maxie Putnam, Becky Langley and husband, Gerry Dietz, Curtis Brown and husband, Palmer, Candy Campbell, Libby Chamblin, Lynn Kasey and husband, Larry Lockaby, Marion Winkle and husband, Lou Stengl.


I would like to thank all my friends in planning our fun events. I couldn't do this without their help.....Harriett, Linda, Barbara, Gwen, and Kathryn.  My special thanks go to our IT guru, Beau Sanders.  Without Beau we wouldn't have a great website  Please take time and visit!


We had our "GHS - Tote Bag" Premiere at our party.  HUGE SUCCESS! We have sold all the Tote Bags and have placed our 2nd order. If you would like a tote bag for $25 or the special - 5 for $100 please make your check payable to GHS - Class of 1966...and mail to Kathryn Gaffney, 206 McDaniel Greene, Greenville, SC  29601.  Thank you Betty and Gwen!


I would like to thank many of you that respond to my emails and I truly know you are reading them.  It has been a fun passion of mine to see classmates keep in touch.




Sheila Bailey Lucas (from Texas) will be in Greenville Dec. 20-22.  She is requesting a get together.  Please let me know if you would like to see Sheila and what date works best on your calendar.  I will try to plan a dinner. It will be a great way to end the year!


PS. Charlie Williams said he is doing great and getting stronger. I believe he said he will go back to work Dec. 13.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Judy Vaughn Byrum