Happy Thanksgiving,

I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving with your family.  Be careful traveling and please keep your classmates in your thoughts as they have lost a family member, has an illness or a family member has an illness.

I know we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving but I have been requested to get some information out on a New Year's Eve party at Larkin's on the River.  Beach Bob Ross and Kathy Cole will be hosting this event.  Maxie Putnam and Lori went last year and was wondering if they planned to do this again. Al Saad came too! Yes, they do! Kathryn Gaffney got the information for me to send to everyone.  Please go to Larkin's website and get the details.  You can order the tickets on line for those out of town. 

Tickets $50 per person / $90 couple includes Full Menu - 2 drink coupons per person...plus a full years worth of fun!



I would like to thank you for the many emails I have received telling me to keep up the good work.  It's not just me.....I have many, many great classmates that give me great support.

A special thanks to Kathryn Gaffney for giving me an updated computer and Beau Sanders for keeping this computer going and always his IT support!

I must say Gwen, Kathryn, Linda, Curtis, and Harriet have helped me tremendously.

Judy Vaughn Byrum