The December birthdays are Kathy Mitchell and Sherry Doughty. Happy Birthday girls!

Just a reminder: Limited seating.

Christmas Dinner on Friday, December 5 at Caesar’s (at McAlister Square) beginning at 6:00 pm.

Music starts at 7:30 pm with T & T.

Judy Vaughn Byrum

Gwen Weisner Crosland - h

Harriett League Carmichael

Boo Brown and Brown

You will have five entrees to choose from including an appetizer and dessert for approximately $20.00. We will get the details out to the specific attendees later. If you prefer to order from their menu you will be allowed to do so but realize it may take longer to be served.

We will need a true headcount by Dec. 1st. So far, I have these committments: Curtis and Palmer, Becky (Langley) and Gerry Dietz, Betty (Hammond) and Bob Jenkins, Gwen, Harriett, Kathryn, Libby, Linda, Toni Loumas, Stan and Jean Crout, Sayge Anthony, Drake and Sandy Jordan, Beau and Sharon Sanders, Phil and Martha (Richardson) Blackwell, and Jane (Lineberger) and Doug Pridgeon.  Tim and Kitty Allen and Wilson and Sandra Childers and Barry Jones are tentative.

Please remember to go to our website…www.greenvillehigh1966.com…Beau has all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party information on it. I just added Susan (Moore) Sloan to our email list. Susan, go to the photo gallery and you will see reunion photos along with some old black and whites of elementary and middle school photos.

SAD NOTE: Please keep Tim and Joe Allen and family in your prayers. Joe had a stroke and is in therapy and is really having a tough time. I know so many of you remember, Tim’s mom, Willene, who was our school nurse. You can send cards to:

Joe Allen, 816 Crescent Avenue, Greenville, SC  29601

– w – 989-6126 and h – 250-9096– 250-4237– h – 271-6219

Please remember Barbara and Barry's niece, Cameron, in your prayers.  She recently had another scare....please look at her blog.........http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/cameronjones

Have a safe Thanksgiving.

Judy Vaughn Byrum