For the past few days I have been updating our Web site. I wrote earlier in the week about upgrading our newsletter software. In addition to that upgrade, while I had a little time during the summer break from school, I have upgraded the Web site, forum, and gallery. Here is a summary of the some of the new features:

  • The Web site has been redesigned with a complete new look and feel. I think the site looks more modern and is easier to read and navigate. We will be able to add some additional features with the new version of our software that were not available with our first version. For example, there is a poll on our new Home page. (Please send me ideas for a new questions/polls to ask our crowd.)  Internet technology is changing constantly. I want to take advantage of some of the new free software that is available for Web development. Changing our whole site was necessary to make that possible.
  • The Forum is now a completely separate Web application, with its own user database. Previously we were using bridge software between the Web site user database and the forum. Maintaining that software is taking more time than it is worth, so from now on we will have separate user databases. I have imported the old Web site user database into the forum user database, so all old accounts are still valid. In the future new users will have to create an account in the Web site or forum separately. Everyone will have to log in to the forum when using the forum and into the Web site when using the Web site. They are completely separate from now on. You can log in to the forum directly at
  • The Photo Gallery has some new additions. I have added 32 pictures from last year's 60th Birthday Party held at Swansgate on May 29, 2008. You will notice there are no captions on the pictures. That is why I have not posted these earlier. I need some volunteers to write captions. Just send me an e-mail referring to the picture name/number with your captions. I will cut and paste your captions under the pictures. Thank you in advance for any help on the captions.
  • Last year Linda Williams loaned us one of her treasures, the 1961 DeMint Academy Dearbook. I have finally scanned this 20 page book and posted it in our Photo Gallery. It is really entertaining. (That's me on the back row of the Wednesday Night A class). A bunch of our 1966 classmates from Greenville High are in the book as well as our Wade Hampton High friends. I also added to the Photo Gallery a pdf file of the book that you can download and print. Thanks to Linda for sharing this rare find with us.

Please visit our site at and test the new software. Let me know if you uncover any broken links or navigation problems. Send your bug reports to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, thanks to everyone that has responded to our message earlier this week about updating your newsletter subscription profile and preferences. Have a great 4th of July!